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Wisconsin Chimney Sweep Services

Chimney Repairs MilwaukeeWisconsin Chimney Technicians are the industry leading Milwaukee chimney service specialists. With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of chimney maintenance, we are your best choice for chimney services. From routine cleaning and maintenance to troubleshooting and repairing chimneys our CSIA certified chimney technicians are the most qualified and best trained chimney sweeps around.

Long and hard Wisconsin winters keep our fireplaces and chimneys working overtime. Keep your chimney in top shape by relying on the pleasant and competent chimney sweeps at Wisconsin Chimney Technicians.

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Chimney Cleaning Milwaukee

All winter long your chimney works hard to keep you warm and cozy. With each toasty winter fire, soot builds up in your chimney. Your chimney can become one of the biggest fire hazards in your home if not properly maintained. Creosote buildup on the inside of your chimney is extremely flammable under certain conditions. Have the experts at Wisconsin Chimney Technicians provide expert chimney sweep services and you can rest assured your chimney is ready for those cool fall days and frigid winter nights.

Milwaukee Chimney Repair & Rebuilding Services

Wisconsin Chimney Technicians provide superior chimney repair services. Whether you need a few minor fixes or a complete chimney rebuild, we handle it all. Our friendly and dedicated staff has years of experience repairing and replacing chimneys in southeastern Wisconsin. Those cracks and dings in your chimney will get worse over time and pose a more serious risk in the future. Don’t let a small defect turn into a major problem! Call Milwaukee’s best chimney repair service today to get your chimney working like new again.

Milwaukee Chimney Inspections

Repair Milwaukee ChimneyAn annual chimney inspection is essential for maintaining a fully functioning, safe and reliable chimney. You need to keep your chimney in top condition to keep your home and family safe. Our Milwaukee chimney sweeps provide a total chimney inspection including

  • Basic visual inspection of entire chimney system (including all components)
  • Check liner
  • Check flue
  • Check chimney top
  • Check wood burning stove

After the inspection our knowledgeable and amiable chimney technicians discuss all their findings with the homeowner and offer suggestions to improve and maintain their chimney.

Milwaukee Chimney Relining Services

Old chimneys, or those which haven’t received an annual cleaning, become hazards to your home and family. A poor chimney interior can vent toxic gases and even burning embers back into your home. When a chimney lining needs work there are only 2 options available: either tear down the entire chimney and start anew, or use a high quality stainless steel or aluminum insert. If your chimney interior is no longer functioning properly, call the chimney experts at Wisconsin Chimney Technicians. Our helpful and good natured staff will install a supreme quality chimney liner, safeguarding your home from fire and smoke damage. 

Milwaukee Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clogged dryer vents are a common household problem. Over time, your dryers exhaust vents fill with lint and need to be cleaned. This lint blockage slows down your dryer’s airflow resulting in a dramatic drop in performance. This airflow loss means your laundry takes a longer time to dry and your Milwaukee energy bills will be higher. Not only inconvenient but also dangerous, clogged dryer vents are a tremendous fire hazard. Lint is extremely flammable and often used as a fire starter in indoor and outdoor fireplaces. The Milwaukee chimney sweeps at Wisconsin Chimney Technicians will quickly and easily clean this excess lint from your dryer vents, keeping you safe and your laundry drying quickly.

Contact the Milwaukee chimney sweeps at Wisconsin Chimney Technicians for more information on our superior services from repair and rebuilding to cleaning and inspection!

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