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Fireplace Care in Southeast Wisconsin

Homeowners in West Bend, WI, face a familiar challenge every year: staying warm. The fireplace is the natural solution. Of course, staying warm isn’t your only objective. For centuries – even millenniums – men, women, and families have gathered around the fireplace. Simply put, there is no better place to create memories when the weather turns cold. A warm, crackling fire right in the architectural focal point of your home can be romantic, relaxing, and sometimes meditative. Wisconsin Chimney Technicians provide West Bend homeowners with affordable chimney services, ranging from annual sweeping to extensive repairs.

Save Money with a Scientifically-Efficient Chimney

Hot air in your fireplace should come into your home without letting cold air from the outside in. In today’s times, the collision of hot air and cold air happening in your fireplace requires scientifically-designed (yes, you read that correctly) chimney flues to control. Our nationally certified technicians install new flues in homes all over southeast Wisconsin.

In addition to replacing flues, we perform chimney relining services to get rid of old rusty chimney tops no longer controlling air leakage. Otherwise, the air entering your home can change the temperature inside. The right liner keeps air out of your West Bend house, helping you save on sneaky-high HVAC bills.

Chimney Masonry Restoration in West Bend, WI

Other problems we often encounter regarding fireplace maintenance includes damaged mason-work. Over time, condensation rots chimneys caps and causes brick to lose its luster. Why would anyone be a fan of degraded masonry on a formerly beautiful chimney? This kills the value of your home, while prohibiting its full potential.

Restoring your chimney’s masonry work has many benefits for your home. For starters, it makes your home’s exterior look better. And it increases the value of your home if you are looking to sell. And a repaired chimney with a new liner and flue can better direct smoke out from your fireplace.

Chimney and Fireplace Inspections

If you aren’t sure whether or not your fireplace even works, inspections and cleanings are an inexpensive way to finally unleash your curiosity and embrace first-time chimney use. Why wait until you have to sell your home to know if the chimney works, then being forced to pay small cleaning fees anyway once it’s too late to enjoy the fireplace for yourself?

Another constant goal is to escape breaking the bank on West Bend chimney sweep prices. Thing is, it’s a must-have annual service, which is why our sweeps make it so affordable. At Wisconsin Chimney, our hometown West Bend prices mean we will work for you professionally and assiduously, no matter the location or time of year.

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